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The Church of England has a long history in Flanders. A 16th-century church was established in Antwerp to serve English and Scottish merchants. Later, Belgian King Léopold I married a British princess and converted to Anglicanism himself. The result is a country dotted with Anglican churches and chapels, many of which still have thriving congregations.


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  • Choral Vespers

    Justus Lipsius chapel, Leuven
    The medieval city of Leuven is home to the world’s oldest Catholic university. The university college of Justus Lipsius has a 19th-century chapel which houses the Anglican congregation of St Martha and St Mary, where we’ll sing Vespers. Within a few minutes’ walk is Leuven’s world-famous city hall on the Oude Markt.

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  • Choral Evensong

    ’t Keerske, Bruges
    A stone’s throw from the historical centre of Bruges, this old chapel is shared by several Protestant congregations, including the Anglican church of St John’s. It was built in 1520 over the crypt of St Catherine, and has served variously as the chapel of the guild of crossbowmen and the guild of candlemakers.

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  • Mini-concert and Choral Evensong

    St John’s church, Ghent
    The first recorded English service in Ghent was for English troops in 1743. Today, the lively international Anglican congregation of St John’s meets on Holy Corner, the site of one of Ghent’s former ‘beguinages’ — medieval communities of lay religious women. We’ll sing a short informal concert here as well as full Choral Evensong.

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  • International Mass

    Cathedral of Our Lady, Antwerp
    This colossal Gothic cathedral was founded in 1352 and is now inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list for its spectacular 400-foot tower, which dominates Antwerp’s skyline. The cathedral’s musical pedigree includes the important Flemish composers Johannes Ockeghem and Jacob Obrecht, and it houses four artistic masterpieces by Rubens. It can accommodate 25,000 people; we may not get quite that many for our service.

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  • Choral Eucharist

    St Boniface’s church, Antwerp
    St Boniface is described by the church’s own website as a “magnificent church building, among the finest in the Diocese in Europe”, and by the Antwerp tourist board as “a little piece of England”. We’ll sing at their Eucharist service on Sunday morning, then have some free time to enjoy the festivities for Belgium’s national day before taking an afternoon Eurostar home.

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