• Repertoire

    Under the direction of Toby Wardman, a choral conductor with 20 years’ experience in liturgical and chamber music, the music list has been hand-picked to suit the voices and venues. It includes contributions from all the big names in English church music over the centuries… plus one or two less well-known surprises.

    Music list
  • Rehearsal

    Our itinerary allows for workshop-style rehearsals each morning to prepare for that evening’s service. Afternoons will then be largely free to explore the city we’re in, before a quick rehearsal in the evening to make sure we’re ready for the service.

    We’re lucky to have secured the services of James Taylor, an accomplished organist and pianist as well as a conductor himself, to help lead rehearsals and accompany us in services.

  • Preparation

    We hope singers will arrive already familiar with the music and their notes. That will enable us to use our limited rehearsal time on the fun stuff like ensemble building, musicality and communication, rather than note-bashing!

    In advance of the tour, you will be able to download and print scores and rehearsal files from this website — or, if you prefer, we can post you a pack of printed music. We also plan to make available audio recordings of individual parts for ease of learning.