EurostarBelgian trains

EurostarMost of the group will be travelling to Belgium in style on the Eurostar. All the information you’ll need is below.

Meeting up and checking in

Your Eurostar ticket has been arranged as part of our group booking. You won’t receive an individual ticket before the day. Group check-in at Eurostar is different from individual check-in.

For the outward journey, our group will assemble at 11:20 inside the main front entrance of St Pancras Station, at the foot of the enormous statue called The Meeting Place (don’t worry, you can’t miss it!). We will say hello, give instructions and then go through group check-in together. It is really important that you’re there on time, so unless you live next door, allow plenty of time to reach and cross London. If you miss this rendezvous, you won’t be checked in as part of our group, and (worst-case scenario) you’ll have to fork out for a whole new individual ticket in order to catch up with us.


Eurostar security is like airport security: your luggage goes through a scanner and you walk through another scanner. But because you’re not boarding a plane, there are fewer inconvenient rules. Most importantly, there are no restrictions on carrying liquids. (See What to pack.) There is also no distinction between hand luggage and hold luggage, because there is no ‘hold’.

Passport control

To reach the Eurostar departure lounge, you go through both British and French passport controls on the outward journey, and both Belgian and British on the return. No passport, no travel. This will be true however the Brexit debacle turns out!

Food and drink

There is a café on board the train which serves hot and cold food and drinks. There are also (expensive) restaurants at St Pancras station, and a bar and shop inside the Eurostar departure lounge.

Belgian trainTravel within Belgium will be using Belgian public trains.

Journey times

Belgium is a small country! Approximate journey times are as follows:

  • Brussels to Leuven (Wednesday): 28 minutes
  • Leuven to Bruges (Thursday): 90 minutes
  • Leuven to Ghent (Friday): 55 minutes
  • Leuven to Antwerp (Saturday): 45 minutes
  • Antwerp to Brussels (Sunday): 40 minutes

All our journeys are direct.


We have made group bookings for all our journeys. The price is included in what you have already paid, so you won’t need to buy any train tickets while you’re here.