You will definitely want to bring:

  • sheet music in a plain black folder
  • smart clothes and shoes for services
  • comfortable shoes for exploring, shopping, beer-drinking, whatever
  • European plug adapters
  • passport
  • any other travel documentation: insurance, EHIC, etc
  • money


For services, we’ll wear straightforward concert dress:

  • Gentlemen: plain dark suit with plain light shirt, any tie (not bow tie), black socks and smart shoes.
  • Ladies: all black, including shoes.

There are no rules other than those, so feel free to go for whatever you prefer when it comes to skirt or trousers, jewellery, heels, sleeve length, skirt length, etc. As long as you are within the general “smart church service” tone, it’s all fine.

We aren’t a formal church choir, so no robes, award medals, badges or academic hoods, please — even if you would normally wear these in your home church.

When deciding which casual clothes to pack, the Belgian weather forecast is your friend.

How much luggage?

Eurostar allows two large cases or bags per person, plus one piece of hand luggage. There’s no weight limit, as long as you can carry and lift your bags yourself. (See the full rules.)

But you should pack light anyway, because once we get to Belgium we travel by train, not coach. You’ll have to take your luggage personally on three different Belgian public trains as well as Eurostar both ways. Plus, you’ll definitely want to leave space for some chocolates and beer on the return trip.